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Modifying Behaviour To Manage Others Better

Different kinds of Managers represented by a variety of faces

In order to gain commitment and maximise team performance, Managers need to adapt and vary their behavioural style towards those they manage.

Successful leaders are constantly aware of the need to modify their own behaviour to get the best from others by treating them according to their individual needs. A 'sheep dip' approach of treating all staff the same regardless of their individual preferences rarely leads to success.

It is true to say that most Managers find it difficult in the early stages of self-awareness and development to act in different ways with different types of people.

Using Limelight Learning's behavioural types which we apply to Customers in our Sales Training course, Managers can also be categorised, and behaviours modified to minimise those characteristics which may hinder good management:

To find out how psychometric assessments apply to the improvement of both management and sales performance, please contact us here at Limelight Learning UK Ltd.

Published on 03/05/2016

Author: Michael Manners

Michael Manners is the founder and principal of Limelight Learning UK who rose to the highest levels of general management through the sales and marketing route in a number of companies.

His first major success in the field of selling was as a sales manager, leading a national team at the age of 26. He consistently ranked in the top 5 of some 50 sales staff, and frequently succeeding in achieving the top position for most sales. He can also justly claim to have taken a business from sales of £350,000 per annum to in excess of £5m.

Michael is also a qualified practitioner in specialised psychometric assessments. He is keen to share his extensive and proven knowledge of sales training and sales techniques.