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Case Studies

Case Study 1

The company is involved in automotive recycling. Our task was to increase profits and improve cash flow for future investment. Employee strength before we became involved was 85, sales turnover below £12m and Net Profits £160k. At the end of our first Financial Year headcount was 95, sales turnover £18m and Net Profit £1.8m. Year 2 Net Profit rose to £2.2m. Current sales are in excess of £25m and a competent management team is now in place.

Case Study 2

The company is involved in the storage market. Our task was to change the culture from central control to devolved authority to give local autonomy. To accomplish this we had to ensure that regions had the skills, the attitudes and the mental horsepower to be able to stand alone and improve results. Psychometric assessments were widely used. The company has now improved performance levels across the business.

Case Study 3

The company is involved in the pharmaceutical market. Key personnel were highly paid but the attrition rate was unsustainable. Changes to the management style were urgently needed and this is work in progress but there is already a noticeable reduction in the rate at which key people are leaving which has impacted significantly on profits.

Case Study 4

The company is involved in the water industry. Our brief was to prepare this privately owned business for sale by improving management, stringent financial controls and reporting, budgetting and focus on profit. The company has now been successfully sold.