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Module Details

There are 11 distance learning training modules in total, plus one optional module at extra cost for one day's training course. You can read a full description of each module below by clicking on the arrows. As you can see, Modules 1 and 2 are the psychometric assessments, and Module 3 is tailored individually, based on the information gained from the psychometric assessments.

1. Psychometrics: Part 1: Know Yourself: Work style behaviours

This assessment takes about 8 minutes to complete on line; it is not a test as there are no right or wrong answers. It will give an indication of your likely working strengths and possible limitations. It will indicate the type of selling to which you may be best suited and where further training can help to improve performance. It will play a significant part in Module 3 where we will suggest how you are advised to modify your behaviour to enable you to sell more.

This module is a foundation and fundamental to your future development.

2. Psychometrics: Part 2: Know Yourself: Your ‘mental horsepower’

The Personal Questionnaire will have informed us of your highest level of education which covers what is known as your ‘crystallised intelligence’ i.e. this embraces the sum total of what you know which plays an important part in your own potential and development.

However, Module 2 is different. It looks at what is known as ‘fluid intelligence’ which has been defined as the ability to process information. It is a test of your mental horsepower rather than your accumulated knowledge.

For example, can you spot for error and accuracy and ignore the irrelevant; can you take in information and reason on the spot; are you at ease with numbers; do you have a good grasp of words and their meanings and can you interpret shapes and diagrams which relates to your spatial ability? It measures the speed with which you can assimilate training.

The series comprises 5 tests and the time taken on line is 30-40 minutes, including taking some sample questions which form no part of the score. We send you full instructions and they are also given on line. These tests are timed out.

3. How to modify your behaviours to sell more

This module is tailored specifically to you depending on what is revealed through Modules 1 and 2. It is not a ‘cut and paste’ response – there are just too many variables.

To give you some insight it may be that we would recommend that you become less assertive and more persuasive when you are dealing with a prospect or customer. Or possibly that you may need to be more organised to stay in control, or that detailed technical sales would be good for your behavioural and mental strengths - the possibilities are endless.

We strive to put measurement IN and take guesswork OUT.

4. Know your stuff and get to the top

This is a wide-ranging module covering 31 basic sales issues plus 3 self-assessment charts. Such matters as listening skills, non-verbal communication, features and benefits, the importance of making an impact, product/service knowledge, mark ups gross margins and discounts, your company’s literature, website, advertising and policies, the ‘Peter Principle’, selling and maturity, plus a lot more are all covered.

5. How to recognise different customer types and sell to them

This module looks at how to assess by observation different customers through their behavioural types and we give comprehensive hints and tips on how each should be approached, presented to and ‘closed’.

The four basic types are remembered on this unique course through the mnemonic CAVE:

Cautious Buyers – like things as they are, slow to accept change

Assertive Buyers – can be blunt and over-powering, like to be in charge

Verbal Buyers – appear very friendly and affable, they have a need to be accepted

Exacting Buyers – set high standards and can appear cool and aloof

6. How to handle objections

Perversely an objection, usually defined as a reason for your prospect or customer to say ‘no’, can be a conduit to closing a sale. How you deal with objections will have a major impact on your success and we will give you pointers on how this important subject should be approached and a range of techniques that can be applied selectively. It is then for you to rehearse and practise, practise and practise.

7. Closing techniques

Being alert to buying signals and not talking yourself into a sale and back out when the signals are apparent is essential. In this module we will review tried and tested ways of recognising interest on the part of your potential buyer and how to bring your presentation to a satisfactory conclusion. Nothing works every time but nothing fails every time either.

8. How to produce an effective sales presentation

Thousands of presentations are made every week in the UK; some of them are really good, some mediocre and some a humiliating disaster.

We take you step-by-step on how to build an effective presentation and avoid the worst of many pitfalls. You cannot sell unless you can present and persuade effectively.

One-on-one, use of a flipchart and PowerPoint are all covered.

9. Getting through on the telephone

Whether you sell face-to-face or remotely, the effective use of the telephone is an essential weapon in your armoury. This module takes you step-by-step through various techniques of how to improve your success rate. Getting through to prospects and clients, making appointments and selling over the ‘phone are likely to be critical to your success.

10. The art of negotiation

It is important to learn the differences between selling and negotiating. This module goes into the detail of negotiating to move goods or services from supplier to consumer with a win/win solution.

11. Customer Care

Customer Care is all about retaining and developing existing customers over sustained periods of time. We take you step by step through best practice on how to do this.

12. 1 Day reinforcement & refresher course (optional)

An optional one day course held in-house at the client's premises under the guidance of an expert tutor.

The course covers revision of key parts of the 10 module distance learning course, case studies, role play and inter-action. It is tailored to the specific needs of the client, their markets and the key issues faced by their sales force.