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Tailored Training

We use
to tailor your training by uncovering your personal strengths.


We first ask Delegates to complete a personal questionnaire that will, inter alia, indicate their type of selling experience or whether they are hoping to start a career in sales. All these data are held securely and not divulged by us to third parties (see Terms & Conditions for full details under the ‘Terms’ tab).

Modules 1, 2 and 3 are specific and unique to each delegate and most of modules 4-11 contain self-assessments which can be emailed to us for expert comment.

Personal Support

We offer to respond to up to two emails per module from Delegates with any query relating to the module in question. We will do our best to answer questions and give the individual and personal support needed drawing on the full scope of expertise available to us.

However, various laws cover detailed specialisms that need to keep up with a moving target and are entirely outside the scope of this distance learning course. Emails concerning points of law will be acknowledged but not answered.

The Importance of Self-Awareness

All of us have limitations (for instance no one combines a job comprising working as an astronaut with being a brain surgeon and becoming a judge) – we self-select how we earn a living and we limit that selection to what we believe is within our scope of capabilities (hopefully!). However, it takes a degree of maturity to face up to our limitations even though we all have them. Some of these limitations can be eliminated or at least minimised through training, whilst others are less susceptible to change – we will reveal which is which in your personal make-up and how to deal with them.

Modules 1, 2 & 3 play a significant part in increasing Delegates’ self-awareness leading to self-improvement through building on their working strengths and seeking to minimise any limitations. The saddest people we have met in the past are those with high ambition and low ability. Your ambition should take you to the highest level of your ability but no further, as this is the route to ultimate failure through being out of your depth. This is explained fully in Module 4.